The Bud Sex, when heterosexuals seek pleasure with other men

The Bud Sex, when heterosexuals seek pleasure with other men

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The Bud sex define the straight men who have sex with other men without establishing emotional or emotional ties and therefore do not consider themselves as homosexuals. Its practitioners consider their encounters a simple game with their rules; No attachment, no caresses, no kisses. This practice has created controversy among members of the LGTBI + group that believes that Bud Sex is a hypocritical attitude to live homosexuality "without leaving the closet." The men who practice it are not considered bisexual or gay. Many are married and parents and all they want is sexual relief.

Investigations regarding Bud Sex

The Doctor of Sociology Tony Silva in a study conducted in the USA. UU. and funded by the University of Oregon, analyzed the behavior of a group of heterosexual white men in rural areas of some of the most conservative states. From this study, Silva described the main characteristics of this type of encounter as well as the meaning that the actors themselves give it.

According to Silva, Men who practice Bud sex do not usually have an identity crisis, since sex with other men only happens sporadically, so beyond these sporadic encounters, they have a completely straight life.

In occasional encounters, men only seek to quench their sexual appetite, so kisses, affectionate gestures and even looking into each other's eyes are avoided, avoiding any sign of affection. Many of these meetings occur after a strong discussion with the couple or under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The meetings are not regular, usually many occur in saunas or cruising areas.

Jane Ward, a professor at the University of California and a gender expert, highlights that a characteristic of this group is that they strongly reject gay behaviors, so there is no room for effeminate men and that These practices are considered more as a form of competition between males and not as love relationships.

The environments in which occurs more frequently this practice are usually highly conservative and patriarchal. In these contexts, openly acknowledging that you like sex with men can be a reason for rejection or exclusion, that may be a reason for these meetings to be secret and to publicly express their rejection of homosexuals.

It is not a recent practice, hidden homosexual encounters have always existed in male environments as prisons, but now attempts are made to be visible by certain groups that have been interested in this practice and the reasons for its existence.

But is it possible that you can be heterosexual and have other men?

The issue of sexual identities in Western society is the protagonist of this debate. Behind are the rules of patriarchy. It was from the 60s, with the sexual revolution, when it began to show that sexual practices do not have to be linked to gender, can be combined, overcome, propose more nomenclatures or eliminate these.

For these men, the fact of being considered heterosexual and having sex with men has earned them the homosexual homosexual qualification by some members of the LGTB + group who see after this rejection homosexuals who do not assume their true sexual tendency.

The truth is that this new sexual modality has created controversy among said group that they consider Bud Sex is not accepting your true sexual orientation, it is still locked in the closet although the men who practice it defend that it is something totally different since the only purpose of sexual relations is that of relief.

There are also defenders, such as the followers of theories queer. According to the thought queer If that it is possible to feel heterosexual and have relationships with people of the same sex. The queer It consists of a sociological theory that questions the categorization of gender. It is a set of ideas that defends that gender, sexual identities and sexual orientations are not necessarily inscribed in the nature of the human being, but is the result of a social construction and as such varies from one society to another.

The theory queer advocates that sexual identities as we know them disappear. The fact that more and more people do not want to label themselves or label others causes greater freedom to assume and practice sexuality as the person pleases.

Can the theory queer explain the Bud Sex? Human sexuality is extremely complex and social and cultural factors must always be taken into account before judging any behavior.


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