Sleeping (not always) is a pleasure

Sleeping (not always) is a pleasure

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While, on the one hand, venereal or infectious diseases are eradicated, on the other, mental health problems increase. Each year, the numbers of people suffering from anxiety, nervousness or depression increase without stopping. Today we would like to address a problem that already affects one in 3 Spaniards: insomnia.

Sleep disorders are very common. Surely you yourself have suffered, or that it is occasionally, or you know someone with trouble sleeping. Evil of many can be comfort of fools, but not when it affects our daily performance.

Finding the source of the problem is key

Insomnia problems are caused by an infinite number of reasons. In order to fix our sleep cycle and go back to sleep as before, we must find the root of the problem and act on it. As you can deduce, a jet lag after a long trip is not the same as the fact of not being able to sleep due to work stress.

Some of the most common causes of insomnia are the following:

  • Physical diseases, especially those that cause muscle ailments.
  • Stress at work: if you take your worries to the bedroom you will never rest.
  • Anxiety or depression for situations that affect us, such as the death of a family member, a divorce or a complicated move.
  • A bad atmosphere of the room, such as excessive street noise at night or light.
  • Decrease in melatonin by the time. The years affect us all.
  • Excessive substance use with caffeine or teina, especially in the afternoon.
  • Side effects of medications.

There are others, but these are the ones that most commonly affect the population. When we know what causes our sleeplessness it is known as secondary insomnia, while if it is of unknown cause, it is the primary one.

Put a solution before it gets worse

It is never too late to solve a problem of this caliber. Even if you feel that you have tried everything, your approach to the problem may not be correct or that you have mixed so many things that you do not know or where you are going.

Some websites like bet on solutions for all kinds of people. In it you will find natural remedies, effective sleeping pills, techniques such as hypnosis or meditation or music for sleeping even the smallest of the house. Not only that, but it contains daily information and very easy to understand when it comes to treating sleep problems.

You have to understand that each person is different, and what went well for your mother or your boyfriend, may not give you any effect. Analyze your personal situation and everything that conditions you to sleep badly is the first step. That's where your perfect solution will come.

First steps before the final remedy

  • Try do not read electronic devices (mobile, tablet or computer) at least one hour before getting into bed. The light of these devices affects us and encourages the appearance of the dreaded "technological insomnia."
  • Once in bed, do not think about how many hours are left for the alarm to sound, nor try to review all the points of the meeting with your boss. Focus on your breath, meditate, leave the problems outside the door.
  • Read a book before going to bed it helps to catch sleep more quickly.
  • Don't you think about drinking alcohol as a sleeping pill, because the effects can be devastating. Instead, bet on a glass of hot milk before going to bed.
  • Improve your diet and the abuse of exciting substances. Do not dine copiously.
  • Establish as much as possible a regular schedule that you can get used to. Do not go to sleep later than the set time or get up later than you have set as a challenge.

Of course, our main advice is that if you suffer from sleep problems or any condition in general, you turn to your GP and sleep professionals. It is these people who will be able to guide you from experience and knowledge.


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