The forbidden phrases of H .P. Lovecraft

The forbidden phrases of H .P. Lovecraft

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft He was an American horror and science fiction writer who lived between 1890-1937. According to Marín Rodrigo (2018), Lovecraft is considered one of the most influential authors of fantastic literature of the twentieth century and a master of the genre of literary horror.

The works of H.P. Lovecraft they have a background in myths, legends and the deepest terror that people harbor in the depths of their unconscious. Proof of this are his works: The Necronomicon, Cthulhu's call, In the night of time, The shadow over Innsmouth And a long etcetera.

The forbidden phrases of H .P. Lovecraft

"That what lies forever is not dead; and in the passing of the eons, even Death itself can die."

“My time is short and I must complete everything I can before being carried by the voice that always calls me.”

"The man who knows the truth is beyond good and evil. The man who knows the truth has understood that illusion is the unique reality and that substance is the great imposter."

“I have evoked demons and the dead. I have summoned the ghosts of my ancestors, giving them a real and visible appearance on the tops of temples built to reach the stars and touch the lowest cavities of Hades. ”

“My books have lost their light and rest on the shelves as if they were dead sleeping animals. I am sick from the voices I hear now: they seem the voices of my family, abandoned behind me so many years ago that it is already impossible to conceive that I am surrounded. Didn't I understand his premature and unnatural death? Can the demons that await abroad imitate so badly the voices of my parents, my brother ... my sister? GO AWAY!"

"Adulthood is hell."

“Death is merciful, since there is no return from it; but for those who return from the deepest chambers of the night, lost and conscious, there is no peace again. ”

"Keep locked up and hold all the copies of this Latin text with chains. Let no reader reveal his existence to the ignorant, unable to carry such a serious burden. Let the soul of him be cursed before God and before his angels He aspires to practice what is written on these pages, for he will condemn himself just by harboring the temptation to commit such a terrible act of desecration, it would be better if his eyes were burned with burning coals and his lips were sewn with thread. of linen, before he read aloud the words contained in this book, written in the forgotten language that the sons of Adam should never pronounce, but only those others who have no mouth and who live in the shadows among the stars . "

"Neither death, nor fatality, nor anxiety, can produce the unbearable despair that results from losing one's identity."

“It is a pity that most of humanity has such a limited mental vision when it comes to calmly and intelligently weighing those isolated phenomena, seen and felt only by a few psychically sensitive people, which occur beyond the common experience . ”

"No new horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of everyday life."

"The oldest and most intense emotion of humanity is fear, and the oldest and most intense of fears is fear of the unknown."

“He died because he knew or wanted to know too much. It is possible that a similar end may await me, because I have also learned a lot ...

"We had no record of the passage of time, because time had become for us a mere illusion."

"The ocean is older than the mountains and is loaded with the memories and dreams of time."

“I never ask a man what his business is, because he never interests me. What I ask is his thoughts and dreams. ”

"I will no longer be able to sleep in peace as long as I remember the horror that awaits ambush from the other side of life, in time and space, and those damn creatures that came from the oldest stars and who dream in the depths of the sea."

"The logical place to find a voice from other times is a cemetery from other times."

"Did fate preserve my reason only to drag me irresistibly to a more horrible and unthinkable end than anyone could dream of?"

“And there are those who have dared to look out on the other side of the Veil, and to accept Him as a guide, but they would have shown more prudence by not accepting any dealings with Him; because it is in the Book of Thoth how terrible the price of a simple look is. And those who enter can never return, because in the infinite spaces that transcend our world there are dark forms that trap and envelop. ”

"A strange impulse led me to face the wide slab, blow out the candle and lie inside the empty box."

“He was looking for the lost regions of his dreams and was nostalgic for the days of his childhood. Then he found a key, and I am inclined to believe that he managed to use it for his strange purposes. ”

“I could not live a week without my private library. In fact, I would hand over all my furniture and I would squat and sleep on the floor rather than separate myself from the 1,500 books I own. ”

"But aren't the dreams of poets and tales of notoriously false travelers?"

“A super important effect of reading is the extension of the vocabulary that always accompanies it.”

“They were sensations; but within them there were incredible elements of time and space ... Things that deep down have a clear and defined existence. ”