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Favorite numbers

Favorite numbers

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Antonio, Benito, Carlos and Daniel each have a different favorite number.

Antonio says the following: "You know, Daniel, my favorite number has only one digit and coincidentally your favorite number is my favorite number repeated several times."

To which Benito adds: "Well, my favorite number also has a single digit and coincidentally the number of digits that make up Daniel's favorite number is my favorite number."

For his part, Carlos says the following: “My favorite number has 2 digits. And by chance it turns out that these digits are Antonio and Benito's favorite numbers. ”

Finally, Daniel says: "Also, if you multiply your 3 favorite numbers with each other, you get mine."

What are the favorite numbers of the four boys?


The favorite numbers of the four boys should be the following as they are the only ones that comply with all the statements:
Antonio: 7
Benito: 3
Carlos: 37
Daniel: 777