Discount in the video game store

Discount in the video game store

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Andrés is very happy since his father has promised him a video game for his birthday. The parent carries a 6% discount voucher that can be combined with other offers and another 12% discount voucher that is not cumulative.

Upon arrival at the store they discover that, exceptionally, they have lowered the prices of all video games by 6% so you have the option of using the additional discount of 6% or using the discount of 12% in which case the generalized discount of 6% that the store applies.

Which option is more favorable?


It is more advantageous to use 12% discount voucher. Assume the case of a video game that costs € 50. The 12% discount would be 6 euros and therefore the final price would be € 44. However, if the store has reduced prices by 6%, the video game will now cost € 47. If we apply 6% on this amount we have an additional discount of € 2.82, so the final price would be 44.18.