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90 phrases by Pedro Calderón de la Barca

90 phrases by Pedro Calderón de la Barca

Pedro Calderón de la Barca (1600 - 1681) was an important playwright, poet and writer of the Spanish Golden Age. During certain periods of his life he was also a soldier and knight of the Order of Santiago. Born a few years after Lope de Vega, who defined the theater of the Spanish golden age, developed it further, and his work was considered the culmination of the Spanish baroque theater. Today he is considered one of the most outstanding playwrights in Spain and also in the world.

Calderón writes mostly comedies and sacramental cars. By 1623 he premiered his first comedies and soon, Felipe IV makes him an official playwright of the court. His moment of greatest splendor begins in 1642, when he retires from the army and enters the service of the Duke of Alba. From that moment on he devoted himself fully to literary creation, especially for palace parties.

His play means the baroque culmination of the theater model created in the late 16th and early 17th centuries by Lope de Vega. He was an author very admired by the great European authors: Goethe He considered Calderón the great genius of the theater. Some English romantic authors saw in Calderón the greatest dramatic and lyric poet.

Some of his most famous works are: "Life is a dream", "The Mayor of Zalamea", The Great Theater of the World "," The Lady Goblin "or" The Constant Prince ".

Famous quotes from Calderón de la Barca

What is life? A frenzy What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a fiction; and the greatest good is small; That all life is a dream, and dreams are dreams.

Fortunate is the man who has time to wait.

That when love is not madness, it is not love.

Nothing seems fair to me, being against my taste.

In a world so unique, that living is only dreaming; and experience teaches me that the man who lives dreams what he is, even waking up.

Cheating today and waiting for tomorrow ...

There is no madman from whom something cannot learn the sane.

We fake what we are; Let's be what we pretend.

Honor is patrimony of the soul, and the soul is only of God.

Do not speak ill of women: the humblest I tell you that it is worthy of esteem because, finally, we were born of them.

Proverb is admitted that the good for the enemy will be for the good friend.

The sinner's chest is the center of the devil.

In this world, in conclusion, everyone dreams of what they are, although none understand.

Beating himself a man is such a great feat, that only he who is great can dare to execute it.

Sleep, sleep, mortals, that the great and the small are the same in those who sleep.

What does it matter, then, that love has the color of heaven, if it has the evil of hell?

Those that are lost are bigger misfortunes.

An imagined grief is more than happened.

Four eses must have the love to be perfect: wise, alone, solicitous and secret.

Life is a beautiful dream and I want to live it slowly.

I see the Crystal of Disenchantment, that I am dust, nothing and wind.

Because in the past love is forgotten until memory.

And I still can't fit what I feel in everything I don't say.

I am a small world, and in this I found that in being lord of me, I am of the world.

Whenever hate and love compete, it is love that wins.

I am so afraid, that even to escape courage I do not have.

To temper the damage, the prudent mute council.

Majesty and greatness is not in being a lord, but in that they have him.

And having more soul, I have less freedom?

Never give advice to anyone who asks for money.

Who loves without feeling, sound makes the instrument, but not that sounds good.

Reason, reason, how long will love beat you?

At the ends of the fairy there is no man so unhappy that he does not have an envious person; there is no man so successful that he does not have an envy.

Or shut up or say something better than shut up.

In the noblest tongue the praise itself is vile.

There are crimes such that the laws were left without sentence, for not preventing anyone who committed them.

What does it matter to miss the least who has succeeded the most?

Heaven gathers unequal extremes.

It is a very strong test, a very new experience and a very rigorous test, to put the glass on the lips, and decide not to drink.

In the ventures of love, says the one who quiets the most.

When the events are so strange, the admiration excuses the excesses.

These who were pomp and joy, waking up to the dawn of the morning, in the afternoon they will be pity in vain, sleeping in the arms of the cold night.

The one who grows without misfortune never grows large.

Oh, what a quick thought, a vehement desire, that there is only what he thinks!

Courage is the son of prudence, not of recklessness.

Fortune is not overcome with injustice and revenge, because before it is incited more.

Death of love is jealousy, which does not forgive anyone, nor for humble leave him, nor respect him as grave.

From the most beautiful carnation, pomp of a pleasant garden, the asp takes out poison, the informal honey bee.

The intention does the wrong.

Who does not know how to love, be marble not woman. To the one who loves me, I want. To the one who forgets me, I forget.

Cheating today and waiting for tomorrow.

Death is always early and does not forgive anyone.

In life a path that we begin at birth and when we live we continue and there is no end when we die.

Whoever harms knowledge is murderous of himself.

War is getting married: all in one, at this time.

If neutrality continues, to walk alone I condemn myself, because the neutral is never good for friend or enemy.

That making peace also tends to be war triumphs.

There is no absence without jealousy.

He who forgets requests, does not forget when he remembers that he remembers that he forgets.

Who lives without thinking, can not say that he lives.

Even in dreams you don't miss doing well.

Answer the silence rhetorically: when the reason is so clumsy, you better speak, sir, who better shut up.

Who has to complain, what a bad thing if he complains! Because the crime of crying removes the merit of the penalty.

The devil is very punctual.

From evils to goods they say that it passes easily; but from evil to evil, I say that it is more frequent.

Although memory usually dies at the hands of time, it also usually revives in sight of objects, mostly when their agreements are for pain.

A true friendship is bloodless.

How many, having a defect in the world with him, have erased him by humble.

You won, woman, you won by not letting yourself win.

Judge who has been a criminal, how easily forgive!

Falling should not take away the glory of having risen.

The major crime of man is being born.

Artificer each of his fate, the flower of his passion converts.

To win and forgive is to win twice.

Don't say you have love, who has no daring.

But, whether true or dream, doing well is what matters. If it were true, because it is; if not, to win friends for when we wake up.

Hate your enemies, as if one day you should love them.

Doing good is treasure that is saved when it is necessary.

More than a wounding army, a hero forgives.

It is very proper to speak more who fears most.

That I am noble for five or six thousand reais; and this is money and it is not honor; that no one buys honor.

Always the traitor is the defeated and the loyal one is the one who conquers.

There is no reason where there is strength.

Who misunderstands a lesson in love, who does not fear the scourge of jealousy.

Things have to be said, they are not meant to be understood.

Complaining about fortune, I lived in this world, and when he said: "Will there be any other person of more unfortunate fate?" Pious, you have answered me, because returning in my sense, I find that my sorrows to make them you would have gladly picked them up.

Silence is rhetoric of lovers.

With every time I see you, you give me new admiration, and when I look at you more, even more look at you desire.

I will not speak more than a poor relative in the house of a rich man.

How pleased he was to complain, a philosopher said, that, in exchange for complaining, there were the misfortunes of seeking each other.

With my farm, but not with my fame.

You do not know what it is for a woman to look down on the one who was loved.

Palatial discretion, little fruit and a lot of noise.

They tell of a wise man that one day, so poor and miserable he was, that he was only supported by some herbs he took. Will there be another (among them he said), poorer and sadder than me? And when the face came back, he found the answer, seeing that another wise man was taking the leaves he threw.

Woman to my liking, I want to: please be my dowry: that the other interest is sold is not husband, but slave.

We have such a godly Heaven that does not send the damage without the remedy.

Here, finally, courtesy, good treatment, truth, firmness, loyalty, honor, bizarre, credit, opinion, perseverance, patience, humility and obedience, fame, honor and life They are a wealth of poor soldiers.

Well, life is so short, let's dream, soul, let's dream again; but it must be with attention and advice that we should awaken your taste at the best time; that by taking it known, it will be the least disappointment, which is to make fun of the damage to advance the advice.