Why does a song hit our heads?

Why does a song hit our heads?

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You listen to a song at a given moment and, hours later, you realize that you can't take it out of your head. Surely on more than one occasion this has happened to you and you have been surprised with a song that was impossible to forget. Do you want to know why it happens? As always, we have an answer for everything.

The catchy songs that we can't get out of our heads

There are times when without realizing it or knowing how it has happened, a song gets into your head so you can't stop humming it. Sometimes the hours pass, even the days, and this goes on and on like a scratched disk hitting your brain. There is no one who is free to have this happen on occasion, he likes to listen more or less to music on a recurring basis.

This can happen with any type of music, although it is true that the hits and songs that usually sound recurring for being fashionable are the ones that most often stay in our brain. In fact, it is even worse when a song we hate comes to mind. Something quite usual, by the way.

The point is that once it has been recorded in memory, sometimes it seems that there is no way to forget it and get it out of our head. most of These songs that stick easily have a common pattern.

These are simple letters, rhythms that are very catchy, simple, whose structures are repeated again and again. It's the secret that these songs end up becoming the "summer song" and the one that everyone sings and listens to.

The key to this reiteration is, of course, in our brain. Memory catches these repetitive sounds and plays them over and over again, since musicality makes it easier to remember.

This phenomenon is very common and it happens to the vast majority of people very often. Moreover, a recent study conducted in this regard determined that at least 90 percent of people happen at least once a week.

But there is more. In 2011, another study was conducted in which we investigated why this was happening and it was discovered that repeated or recent exposure to images associated with a song also had a lot to do.

This would answer that many times we find ourselves humming children's songs if we have children, or that we end up thinking about summer songs when we are on vacation.

But without a doubt the key to everything is in memory. It is there where the song is stored and what causes the memory to be activated and the sounds return to the head again and again.

It is for this reason that sometimes if you hear a specific phrase it can make you remember a song. This is an association that can make that song come back to your mind and you end up singing it and remembering it again and again.

The association also happens when we remember a specific moment. For example, if we have suffered a disappointment in love and during that moment we listen to a song insistently, it will return to us when we remember it.

All this happens thanks to long-term memory. Our brain is a kind of warehouse capable of saving infinite memories, and in the musical part it is even more powerful than we can imagine.

Let's see it better: there is a particular area of ​​the brain that is involved in this, and it is the memory of work. This is the one used for temporary memory tasks such as numbers and shopping lists.

You should also know that, in the auditory cortex of the brain, which is in the temporal lobe, there is an area calledphonological loop associated with this temporary memory. Its operation is like that of a recorder capable of recording sound information.

This information is stored in this area for a short time, and then becomes forgotten, or it goes into long-term memory. According to researchers, there are songs that, due to the ease of their rhythm, have the ability to pass to this part of the brain. Moving to this area of ​​the brain is what makes the song repeat itself over and over again.

In short, the fact of that a song sticks in our heads is very common and the answer to what happens is inside our brain and how it is structured. Now that you know it, you will surely understand it much better when it happens again.


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