Extraterrestrial abductions: the possible psychological explanation

Extraterrestrial abductions: the possible psychological explanation

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Some people around the world say they have suffered extraterrestrial abductions. Although there are variants in the story, most often state that some beings enter the room when the victim sleeps, leave her immobilized, although she can see much of what happens.

Once motionless, these beings, usually small and gray, observe, interact with each other or do some kind of experimentation with the unfortunate victim in the same room. Or, on the contrary, they move her to a ship, where they continue with all kinds of experiments and trials.


  • 1 What is the possible psychological explanation for extraterrestrial abductions?
  • 2 Conclusions about possible extraterrestrial abductions
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What is the possible psychological explanation for extraterrestrial abductions?

Although many people may be disappointed, it is possible that there is a psychological explanation for this phenomenon, and that everything is a product of the mind. However, the purpose of this article is not to give the definitive explanation for extraterrestrial abductionsWell, we are aware that, although there is a possible explanation, it is limited and in no case encompasses all the stories.

On the other hand, We are not saying that people who suffer this type of phenomena have some kind of psychological alteration or lie. We will not enter that debate because we will try to stay in a impartial position, as objective as possible.

Testimony of a possible alien abduction victim

Karen, a 28-year-old Mexican girl, recounts her experiences to a Spanish researcher, David Parcerisa.

While the interview is long, with her you can get an idea of ​​what these kinds of experiences are, and the suffering of the people who suffer from them.

The explanation from psychology and medicine

The story almost always begins in the bedroom, at bedtime and this can have a very close relationship with the phenomenon called sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a disorder framed within the group of parasomnias and that affects a percentage well below 1% of the population. It is, therefore, extremely rare and unknown. Above all, for those who have not lived it.

During these episodes, which occur when they go from sleep to wakefulness, brain and body suffer a kind of uncoordination. That is, consciousness is regained before body mobility. Therefore, the person who suffers She will be immobilized, unable to speak and with a sense of anguish.

Curiously, the person is cognitively awake and active, although, except for the eyes and the diaphragm, totally paralyzed from head to toe. Similarly, laryngeal paralysis makes it impossible to speak. In many cases, there is even a feeling of suffocation and imminent death.

Luckily, the duration of these episodes is a few minutes. The most advisable in these cases is not to fight the sensation of paralysis and go back to sleep. The next time you wake up, the safest thing is that everything has happened.


During an episode of sleep paralysis, what are called hypnagogic hallucinations. These can be:

  • Visuals (see possible objects, people or beings that do not exist)
  • Auditory (listen to sounds, words, conversations that are not there)
  • Touch (feeling of being touched, or that someone climbs on top of us, etc. without being real)
  • Kinesthetic (feeling of movement, like being moved to another site)

Would hallucinations and muscular paralysis, after all, explain the phenomenon of extraterrestrial abductions? Everyone has to draw their own conclusions about it, but let's move on.

Why does sleep paralysis occur?

During the REM sleep phase or MOR, in Spanish, Fast Eye Movements, there is a great activation in the brain, since it is the phase in which we dream. To prevent us from performing the physical movements that we would be performing in a dream, a generalized atony occurs naturally.

Somehow, there are occasions when the physiological characteristics of MOR or REM sleep are introduced into other deeper or lighter phases from sleep or from the phases that go from sleep to wakefulness (when we wake up).

Medical hypotheses about it

In line with the above, sleep paralysis can occur:

  1. Associated with another pathology such as narcolepsy
  2. Related to stages in which sleep deprivation occurs, for any reason
  3. Genetic reasons You have to check if there are more cases in the family.

Conclusions about possible extraterrestrial abductions

In conclusion, many of the cases of extraterrestrial abductions can be explained based on science. However, we recognize that there are many details that escape the explanation, for example:

  • Why does there seem to be a unanimity In regards to the type of aliens that visit us? I mean, those gray beings
  • The similarity of the story: Why are the stories of alien abductions so similar to each other?
  • What is the reason why these people always talk about being subjected to medical experiments and other types of abuse?
  • Many of these people appear the next day with injuries in the areas where these aliens injured them

And what do you think? Have you had any similar experience or do you know someone who has happened to you? Do you think that the phenomena of extraterrestrial abductions are things that happen to certain types of people for some psychological reason, or are we really visiting entities coming from outer space? Tell us your opinion.


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