Male orgasm, techniques to enhance it

Male orgasm, techniques to enhance it

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Male orgasms because of their physiology are more obvious than female ones. Although orgasm and ejaculation are usually associated, these are independent. Ejaculation can occur without orgasm, although in most cases they occur simultaneously, so the two processes are related as if it were part of the same. As in the female orgasm, the male is characterized by a set of muscular contractions that take place in the pelvis rhythmically and are usually accompanied by a both physical and psychological feeling of pleasure and well-being.

It is known that men can experience two types of orgasms. The most common is the so-called traditional orgasm And it is the most frequent. The other is more gradual, emerges more slowly and expands throughout the body; is the call total orgasm. The result of this orgasm is explosive, in which intense tingling of head to toe is experienced. It is more intense and durable than the traditional one. It is called total orgasm because It does not remain alone in the genital area but extends throughout the body.


  • 1 Stages of male orgasm
  • 2 Techniques to enhance male orgasm
  • 3 male erogenous zones to enhance pleasure

Stages of male orgasm

The two types of orgasms have a fairly similar sequence. As in the female orgasm, in the masculine one speaks of four stages; excitation, plateau, orgasm and resolution.

Each stage has the following distinctive features:

  • Excitement: This is when the erection of the penis occurs, together with the increase in the size of the scrotum and increase in the volume of the testicles.
  • Plateau: The excitation phase reaches its maximum. You can notice a kind of heat or pressure in the area of ​​the pelvis, caused by the narrowing of the blood vessels, especially in the seminal vesicles and the prostate, it will also increase blood pressure, breathing and heart rate.
  • Orgasm: In this phase is when normally the man ejaculates. There are contractions in the sphincter the urethra and the penis. And the rectal sphincter contracts
  • Resolution: Returns to the normal state prior to excitation.

A myth that is not true is one that defends that man is always able to reach orgasm and that it is the woman who has the most difficulty reaching climax. Although in many cases it is, it cannot be generalized. Men also appreciate the previous games and nothing better than a female who knows how to fully explore the male body.

Techniques to enhance male orgasm

To enhance male orgasm the key is to increase arousal, this can be done with some simple tricks;

Visual stimulation is very powerful.It also works very well to catch you by surprise, when you are doing a daily activity. Play with your ear, kiss your neck, put your hand in your pants pocket. This will be enough for the sexual game to begin.

It is important that the woman take the reins and undress the man. You can start playing with your penis manually or orally. This will cause the male's arousal to rise rapidly.

At the time of intercourse, look for the position you like best; that of the puppy or the subject, the woman up but with her back, usually succeed a lot among the male sex. When the orgasm approaches, the woman can withdraw and rub the virile member with the entrance of the vagina and let it re-penetrate it, the friction will further stimulate the pleasure.

The man feels very excited when he sees that his partner enjoys giving him pleasureThat is very important if we want to enhance your orgasm.

Male erogenous zones to enhance pleasure

These are some of the most common erogenous areas of man, we must always keep in mind that all skin is receptive and that we each have our tastes and our favorite areas. It is a matter of not closing ourselves to experience new caresses and sensations.

Genitals. They would be the penis and testicles. It is the favorite area of ​​men. The ideal is to combine the stimulation of these with that of their other erogenous zones. It is important that the stimulation of the penis also pay attention to the testicles, yes, the stimulation of these always with delicacy since they are very sensitive.

The male G-spot. This point is found in the prostate gland that is accessed through the anus. Anal stimulation is not to the liking of some men since it tends to be related to homosexual relationships. But for those who dare it is an area with a lot of nerve endings. You can use wet fingers in lubricant or some anal toy.

Neck. It is a magnificent area to stimulate since it is a very sensitive area. It can be stimulated with soft kisses. While kissing, you can caress hair, ears and nape with your fingers to increase the sensations.

Mouth. There are many nerve endings that we find on the lips and tongue. Learning to kiss is an art, it is advisable to start kissing in a gentle way and go slowly playing with the tongue, first touching the lips and then inside the mouth.

Buttocks. It is an area that contains many nerve receptors and is therefore an easily stimulated area through caresses, pats or small pinches.

Chest. For many men, chest stimulation is very pleasant, it can be caressed and scratched gently. You can also play with the nipples by nibbling them.

Abdomen. The area between the navel and the pubis is also preferred by men. You can walk with kisses in a very subtle way before starting oral sex.

Back. We finish with the back. A good massage can be very pleasant in itself as important sensory receptors are found in this area. It is more than advisable to combine manual and oral caresses to get a more pleasant experience.